Core Values


Effer is an organisation that pursues economic aims, and chooses to do so with responsibility, keeping faith with its core principles.

Our Core Values have been shaped with inputs from everyone; they are founded on the direct expression of those who work at Effer, who have stated the principles that inspire them every day.

This document contains the principles and conduct which all Effer staff, from the Management down, are committed to adopting in relation to their colleagues, customers, suppliers, shareholders and the economic and social context in which the company operates.

The Core Values are therefore a guide for all our actions, every day.


A far-sighted approach, to maximise stability and achieve success on the global market

We know we belong to a company that has been supplying lifting professionals with equipment enabling them to work safely and efficiently, all over the world, for more than 50 years.

So every day, we work to develop the long-term strategy and organisational processes which will support it successfully.

Our aim is to provide the company with continued efficient, profitable management, removing every form of wastage of resources. We want to generate value and invest it in Effer’s growth and sustainability over time, to the benefit of all its stakeholders.